Kaleidoscope features twelve tracks, all of which were written by Colin, and was released on 1st September 2017.

The album was recorded at SilkHouse Studios in Farnborough. It was produced and mixed by legendary smooth jazz musician, Oli Silk. Oli was also responsible for playing all the instruments on the album.

The backing vocalists on Kaleidoscope were Michael Mitcham, Olivia Haynes, Robin Christensen and Elliott James. Colin often referred to his backing vocalists on Kaleidoscope as MORE because of their first initials.

All the photographs on the Kaleidoscope project were taken by Stephanie Coyne of Coyne Photography. The artwork and design was created by Steve Ballinger at Essbeedesigns.

Colin is grateful to the National Museum in Stockholm for granting him permission to use his favourite painting, Alexander Roslin's The Lady With The Veil as part of the artwork on the Kaleidoscope album.

Track listing as follows:

1. A Fool's Garden

2. Kaleidoscope

3. If You're A Lady

4. (Tell Me Baby) Could You Be Mine?

5. How Long Should I Wait (For You To Call Tonight)

6. When Priscilla Smiles

7. Picture of You

8. Clown

9. His Kinda Girl

10. Boots On

11. Drag Queen

12. The Longest Time